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Ordering Open To: All DoD Publisher: Expanse Type: ESI - BPA Brand Name LSJ Required: Yes - An LSJ was signed to justify the brand-name limitation on the award of the BPA itself. It is not a Class LSJ and therefore the customer is required to execute its own LSJ at the order level.

Agreement Overview

(*NOTE: In October 2018, Qadium officially changed its name to Expanse)

This BPA was awarded competitively against GSA schedule. It is the responsibility of the Ordering Officer to ensure compliance with all fiscal laws prior to issuing an order under a BPA, and to ensure that the vendor selected represents the best value for the requirement being ordered. (see FAR 8.404)

Products include licenses, upgrades and maintenance. Ordering under this vehicle is not limited to the products listed on the BPA Price List (Attachment A). Any Expanse software product that is on the vendor's GSA schedule may be procured using this vehicle at a discount below GSA pricing.

DOD Contractors are encouraged to use the ESI agreements when approved by their contracting officer in accordance with FAR 51.


Carahsoft Technology, Corp.

Effective Date: 05/22/2018      Expiration Date: 05/21/2023
Contract #: N66001-18-A-0010
Business Size: Other Than Small
Cage Code: 1P3C5
DUNS: 08-8365767
TIN Code: 52-2189693

Carahsoft Technology, Corp.

Request for Quote

Expanse Sales Team

Software Product Manager

John Bojorquez

Contracting Officer

Sarah Feliciano (Contract Specialist)

Spencer Sessions (Contracting Officer)

Carahsoft Technology, Corp.

DoD Software License AgreementPDF769KB

Carahsoft Technology, Corp.


Carahsoft Technology, Corp.

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