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DoD ESI Overview & History

September 23, 2016

Updated 02/02/21

DoD ESI is an official DoD initiative sponsored by the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead in the establishment and management of enterprise COTS IT agreements, assets, and policies. DoD ESI lowers the total cost of ownership across the DoD, Coast Guard and Intelligence Communities for commercial software, IT hardware, and services.

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DoD ESI was formed in 1998 by Chief Information Officers at the Department of Defense to save time and money on commercial software. A joint team of experts (Software Product Managers, or 'SPMs') consolidates requirements and negotiates with commercial software publishers, hardware sellers, and IT service providers resulting in a unified contracting and vendor management strategy across the entire Department.

In its first ten years of operation, DoD ESI achieved a cost avoidance of over $3 Billion off prices established on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule by negotiating discounts of as much as 86% off list prices for software, hardware and services. Smart purchasing practices yields better contracting terms and conditions for DoD programs.

  • The first DoD ESI enterprise software agreement was signed in 1999.
  • DoD ESI expanded in 2002 to include information technology services and hardware.
  • In 2003, DoD ESI became the model for the Federal-wide SmartBUY initiative launched by OMB and GSA
  • Since 2000, DoD policy requires use of the DoD ESI process to maximize benefits across the DoD.

"DoD ESI is essential to deliver effective and efficient information technology capability across all mission areas at the least cost. DoD ESI must continue to flourish as we transform and rely on commercial software more than ever to run the business of the DoD.” - Rob Carey (Chief Information Officer, Department of the Navy)

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