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COTS Software Training Materials

April 21, 2015

Updated 07/26/18

DoD ESI’s Educational Series offers robust training comprised of information from all DoD ESI resources to ensure consistency across all components. The series benefits DoD IT buying community—SPMs and KOs within DoD ESI and Program Managers across the DoD—as well as ordering offices.

Chapter Overview
Course Overview & Agenda
Glossary / Acronyms

Industry Overview
Chapter 1: Software Industry Ecosystem
Chapter 2: Software Publisher Organization & Operation
Chapter 3: Software Publisher Sales Strategies & Tactics

Chapter 4: Software Publisher Products & Services
Chapter 5: Pricing Models

Software Contracts
Chapter 6: Contract Terms & Conditions
Chapter 7: End User License Agreements (EULAs)
Chapter 8: Software Source Code Escrow
Chapter 8A: Overview
Chapter 8B: Source Code Escrow Process

Software Management
Chapter 9: Self Audit
Chapter 10: IT Asset Management

Chapter 11: Software Implementation Services & Agreements
Chapter 12: Cloud / SaaS Deployment Models
Chapter 12A: SaaS Toolkit
Chapter 12B: Cloud-Based System Contract Article
Chapter 12C: Best Practices for Negotiating Cloud-Based Software Contracts

Chapter 13: Best Value Exercise Introduction
Chapter 13A: Best Value TCO (PDF)
Chapter 13B: Best Value TCO (XLS)
Chapter 14: Ordering Off DoD ESI BPAs
Chapter 14A: DoD ESI Software Buyer's Checklist
Chapter 15: Order Level Acquisition Strategies & Best Practices