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Ordering Open To: All DoD Publisher: Symantec - ITAM Type: ESI - BPA Brand Name LSJ Required: Yes
  • Resellers / Direct Sales

Agreement Overview

DOD ESI established non-competitive, multiple award Blanket Purchase Agreements against GSA Schedules for Symantec ITAM products that included Licenses, Upgrades and Maintenance. However, the BPAs did expire on 31 December 2018.

Customers who placed orders before this expiration date and/or have Options set in place that extend past it will continue to see these honored.

DoD ESI is in the process of establishing new Agreements with Symantec’s Reseller to once again offer decentralized ordering of Symantec ITAM products, and it hopes and aims to acquire them in the near future. In the meantime, for questions or to submit an RFQ, please contact the appropriate party listed below.

Symantec - DLT Solutions:

Erinn Connor – or 703-773-9231

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