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Vendor Overview

April 6, 2016

Updated 02/02/21

This section has been compiled to assist existing and prospective ESI vendors to gain access to helpful information organized for vendors.

DoD ESI is an effective method for software publishers, hardware vendors and service providers to streamline sales to the DoD. For vendors who wish to obtain more information on how to work with the DoD ESI and the process to become a DoD ESI vendor, they should first review and familiarize themselves with the Vendors Toolkit. After reviewing the toolkit, if the vendor still has questions or feels that their products are a good fit for ESI, then the points of contact in the toolkit should be contacted.

Vendors who have been awarded ESI agreements may use and are encouraged to use the DoD ESI seal on their marketing materials aimed at the DoD buying community. The vendor should contact the Software Product Manager for their ESI Agreement to obtain direction as to using the seal. In addition, the vendor is encouraged to promote the use of the ESI contract vehicles by having a properly trained sales staff that is knowledgeable in ESI and the vendor ESI agreement, and can properly direct the DoD buyer in the agreement’s use. Vendors are also strongly encouraged to display marketing materials regarding their agreements at technology or trade shows in which they participate.