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Net-Centricity and ITAM

August 31, 2009

Updated 02/02/21

The DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy and Net-Centric Services Strategy outline a framework for supporting Net-Centric Warfare through Net-Centric Operations to provide the right information where needed, and when needed, to achieve information superiority for the nation’s defense. Net-Centric Enterprise Licensing (NCEL) is a new software licensing paradigm that enables DoD to share data for joint operations and with mission partners to implement the Net-Centric Data and Services strategies. Where will the extra money for NCEL come from as IT budgets shrink? The new paradigm makes it imperative for all DoD Components to rationalize IT assets and manage them more efficiently to collectively fund NCEL in support of Net-Centric Operations. ITAM is the process that enables organizations to optimize IT acquisitions through efficient processes and economies of scale.

DoD ITAM Roadmap

DoD CIO is implementing a Department-wide ITAM framework that will be supported by an enterprise ITAM reporting system that provides visibility into existing IT asset acquisition and inventory data across the DoD. The timeline below illustrates the roadmap for establishing an end-to-end DoD ITAM process.

Timeline depicting continued expansion of DoD ITAM through FY13