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ESI Operating Principles

August 31, 2009

Updated 02/02/21

The ESI operates under these principles:

  • The Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) and Steering Group (SG) operates with a minimum of process and paperwork.
  • The Working Group (WG) is empowered to act unless there is a disagreement that cannot be resolved. Then the SG will decide.
  • Competition with multiple awards per software category should be the norm.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution.
  • The 80% requirements solution is good enough for ES Agreements.
  • ESI will not always "get it right the first time;" Experimentation is OK
  • In certain isolated cases, DOD might standardize on one product, particularly when there are no alternatives to meet a DOD standard.
  • ESI will strive for a good outreach (marketing and publicity) program.
  • ESI will use success measures and collect performance data to continuously refine the ESI process.
  • The Business Case for each agreement, prepared by the Buying Agent, should be brief and focus primarily on requirements and strategy. The WG can concur without the approval of the SG.
  • The Buying Agent provides as much flexibility in agreements as possible, consistent with market conditions and pricing implications.
  • The ESI operates with a sense of urgency; it's better to make agreements earlier than later.
  • If priorities are needed, Buying Agents will focus on maintenance agreements first, then new licenses.