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Tanium Agreement Designated As a CETA

September 30, 2019

Updated 11/24/20

In accordance with DoD Directive 8470.01E in performance of the functions as DoD Executive Agent for CETAs, Navy PEO EIS has designated the Tanium BPA as the first DoD Core Enterprise Technology Agreement (CETA).

The CETA designation means this purchasing vehicle is mandatory for DoD for Tanium products and services.

Benefits of the CETA designation include:

  • Improved terms and conditions, offering more flexible licensing reducing DoD's liability
  • Significant volume and price discounts: all orders start at 1.5M endpoints regardless of size, achieving potential cost avoidance of ~$7.5M/year
  • Honors all previously negotiated 'entry' prices from earlier contracts, if lower than those on BPA
  • Built-in flexibility, allowing for adjustments based on both quantity and product mix

Click the link below for more information.