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Improving Your Data in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

June 01, 2020

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy, as amended, 41 U.S.C. 401 et seq. and (FAR Subpart 4.6) requires the Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy to establish a computer-based Federal Procurement Data System for collecting, developing and disseminating procurement data to the Congress, Executive Branch and private sector. The Federal Procurement Data System Program Management Office (FPDS PMO) within the Office of the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) oversees the operation of the Federal Procurement Data System Next Generation (FPDS-NG). The General Services Administration’s (GSA) contractor operates and maintains the FPDS-NG.

Executive departments and agencies are responsible for collecting and reporting data to FPDS-NG as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). The Federal Government uses the reported data to measure and assess the impact of Federal procurement on the nation’s economy, the extent to which awards are made to businesses in the various socio-economic categories, the impact of full and open competition on the acquisition process and other procurement policy purposes.

FPDS-NG contains data that the Federal Government uses to create recurring and special reports to the President, the Congress, the Government Accountability Office, Federal executive agencies and the general public.

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) requires that each Department and Agency certify annually that all data within FPDS-NG is valid and complete. 

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Software Buyer's Checklist

March 08, 2018

This checklist was compiled to provide a standardized set of steps to follow when using the DoD ESI Enterprise Software Agreements (ESAs) and Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs). It is not an exhaustive list and it should not be the only tool used to determine compliance with DoD acquisition regulations. It is a checklist to use as a starting point and not to replace individual Procurement Office’s guidance.

Software Buyer's Checklist

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DoD ESI COTS Software Systems Integration (SI) Toolkit

December 22, 2016

This toolkit contains and provides a means to export best practices and implement standardized processes in the COTS software systems integration services acquisition life-cycle. It provides tools, templates, and methodologies to aid Programs in forming the acquisition team, reviewing current strategies, performing market research, defining requirements, developing and executing an acquisition strategy, and managing performance throughout from contact award through close-out.

This toolkit develops common standards in practices and contracting techniques that will drive greater transparency in acquisition performance, improve data analysis, and leverage private sector and government best practices. It serves as a training clearinghouse and toolbox to enable agile approaches to technology acquisitions that will facilitate continual customer testing of creative contractor ideas.

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Software License Negotiations Support Proves Valuable

September 12, 2016

This article provides information on how DoD ESI is on the leading edge of trends in the software licensing world and the impacts they have on the Government.

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DoD ESI COTS Software Training - Glossary of Terms

August 30, 2016

This Glossary is intended to assist in understanding some of the specialized words and phrases used in the software industry. The Glossary is not inclusive, and if you cannot find the term you are looking for or have any other comments, please contact us through "Ask an Expert".

TAGS: COTS, Training

DoD ESI Website Roadmap

August 30, 2016

The purpose of this Roadmap is to help DoD ESI customers understand the general overview of the website and the agreement presentation flow. 

TAGS: Training

DoD ESI Education, Support, and Tools Portfolio Brochure

May 17, 2016

This brochure provides a visual mapping of the tools and resources available on the DoD ESI Website.

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Software Maintenance Cost Tracking Guide

May 16, 2016

Due to the significant and increasing costs for annual software maintenance, this Cost Tracking Guide, in combination with its accompanying Excel Workbook, provides the reader a roadmap to identify, manage, and document Software Maintenance spending by capturing data. This information is then analyzed so that spending may be addressed from many different views, with the goal of potentially reducing these costs.

Software Maintenance Cost Tracking Guide

Software Maintenance Cost Management Tool (Workbook)

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Commercial Perspective on Software Intellectual Property Ownership Rights - White Paper

April 13, 2016

This paper will share the commercial buyer's perspective to answer the question of who should own the intellectual property (IP) rights to commercial software, derivative works in a commercial software application, and custom developed software.

TAGS: Training

Best Practice Clauses for Software License Grants - White Paper

March 25, 2016

This White Paper provides summary information about important contract issues.

This information is not intended to be legal advice, but rather is designed to share best practices, highlight potential concerns, present recommendations for managing those concerns and encourage further research or discussions with legal counsel.

TAGS: COTS, Enterprise License, Training

Software License Risk Assessment Tool

March 15, 2016

The DoD ESI Software License Risk Assessment Tool is a tool that was created to help DoD software buyers analyze a seller's proposed license agreement to determine the areas of risk that should be addressed in a negotiation, to initiate and document negotiations with software publishers, and reduce risk of wasteful spending, disruption to Government operations, and vulnerability to lawsuits, claims, and penalties. This tool will also help contracting officers rationalize their positions using objective methods.

For more information and instructions regarding the Software License Risk Assessment Tool, please see our three associated Training Videos, starting with Part 1, at

TAGS: COTS, ELA, Training

DoD ESI Ordering Roadmap

September 17, 2015

The purpose of this Roadmap is to help DoD ESI customers understand the process required to place an order using DoD ESI Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs).

TAGS: Other News, Enterprise License, Contract Management, Training

Software Acquisition Benchmarking - White Paper

September 13, 2015

This document will focus on Software Price Benchmarking and will address the process, tasks and resources required to perform Software Price Benchmarking in the current DoD environment. It will also discuss how acquisition professionals must rely on their individual efforts to perform benchmarking as no automated tools or processes exist.

TAGS: Training

How to Order Software Using DoD ESI Contract Vehicles - White Paper

May 19, 2015

This white paper describes the process buyers should follow once they have determined to fulfill their requirement through the DoD ESI Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs). It is important to note that ESI does not dictate the products or services to be acquired.

TAGS: Other News, Contract Management, Training

Monthly Webinar Training Materials

May 14, 2015

Those interested in obtaining training materials used during our monthly Webinars may download them below.

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COTS Software Training Materials

April 21, 2015

DoD ESI’s Educational Series offers robust training comprised of information from all DoD ESI resources to ensure consistency across all components. The series benefits DoD IT buying community—SPMs and KOs within DoD ESI and Program Managers across the DoD—as well as ordering offices.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) Toolkit

December 16, 2014

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an emerging software delivery model in the commercial industry and government enterprises. In order to educate DoD personnel on the basics of SaaS, DoD ESI developed the SaaS web-based toolkit which contains educational material on the SaaS delivery model, pricing, contracts, and analytical tools for DoD programs, contracts specialists, and interested personnel.

Launch SaaS Toolkit

TAGS: Training, Cloud

Guidelines for Negotiating Warranties for COTS Software Products - White Paper

September 30, 2013

The purpose of this white paper is to educate readers on key aspects of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software warranties.

The executive summary addresses topics of interest to government executives and procurement professionals responsible for drafting software license warranties.

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