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Process Roadmap

Most SaaS providers offer consulting services to help configure offerings to achieve customers' objectives. Many independent consulting firms now include SaaS implementation in their services portfolio, and several firms specialize exclusively in SaaS planning, implementation, training, change management and long-term support for follow-on integrations with other SaaS or on-premise software applications. Implementation processes range from simple to complex, depending on the scope of business solution to be achieved. For applications that can be addressed by SaaS—and more appear on the market virtually every day—implementation tasks and time to deploy are significantly less than attempting the same solution with an on-premise software implementation.

Roadmap typically followed to implement SaaS. It starts with Strategic Planning and Vendor Selection then moves through security setup, application functionality configuration, application customization, testing data transfer, SaaS application testing, any applicable data migrations, conversions or integrations, then subscription activation finally leading to End User Training and Change Management Program