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Category Management Policy 16-3: Improving the Acquisition and Management of Common Information Technology: Mobile Devices and Services

August 4, 2016

Updated 09/07/17

Improving the Acquisition and the subject memorandum. It requires agencies to take the following actions to improve the acquisition and management of mobile devices and services:

  1. report agency usage, and eliminate unnecessary inventory and service on a quarterly basis:
  2. reduce the number of contracts for mobile devices and services, and transition to a Government-wide solution or solutions; and...
  3. modify demand management practices to optimize plan pricing and device refresh schedules.

DOE’s Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Office of Acquisition Management will follow up with implementing instructions. Questions concerning this policy flash should be directed to Barry Ross of the Office of Acquisition Management, Strategic Programs Division at (202) 287-1552 or at

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