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Ordering Open To: All DoD Publisher: Ironhawk Technologies - Data Compression Software Type: ESI - BPA Brand Name LSJ Required: Yes

Resellers / Direct Sales

These Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) run concurrently with their underlying GSA Schedules.

Both Alamo City Engineering Services (ACES) and Ironhawk will be provided fair opportunity as RFQs are received for a generic data compression capability. In these cases a minimum functionality must be identified, along with the basis for selection. If only one brand name product will satisfy the requirements, a Limited Source Justification or Justification and Approval document must be prepared to comprehensively explain the rationale.

All orders placed against these BPAs are subject to the terms and conditions of the FSS Contract. The Order of Precedence for resolving any inconsistency between the Commercial License and the GSA contract terms shall be as specified in the GSA contract's Commercial Item clause, FAR 52.212-4, and the provisions of FAR 52.212-4 specified in FAR 12.302, as required by Federal law, shall prevail over any terms of the commercial license.

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