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  SolarWinds ITAM Software - DLT Solutions
Contract #: N00104-13-A-ZF42
Type: Software - ESI
Provider: SolarWinds - ITAM
Awarded: 4/8/2013  Expires: 4/7/2018
Status: Active
Inventory: No
Lead: Navy
Categories: Asset Discovery, ITAM
Synopsis: The Department of the Navy IT Umbrella Program and the Naval Supply Systems Command, Weapon Systems Support, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania have established multiple Enterprise Agreements for IT Asset Management software products on behalf of the DoD ESI. These agreements expire 04/08/2018. Products include licenses, upgrades, maintenance and consulting services.

IT Asset Management software provides technology that supports a variety of functions such as user device tracking, performance monitoring, server and application monitoring, network configuration managing, IP address managing, and virtualization managing packages. The DoD ESI ITAM BPAs are available to all DoD components including the Intel community and offer discount off of GSA pricing for all product purchases. This BPA is limited to only ITAM products. Please review the product and pricing list below for products available through this BPA.

The ITAM BPAs were awarded against GSA schedule. It is the responsibility of the Ordering Officer to ensure compliance with all fiscal laws prior to issuing an order under a BPA, and to ensure that the vendor selected represents the best value for the requirement being ordered.(see FAR 8.404) DOD Contractors are encouraged to use the ESI agreements when approved by their contracting officer in accordance with FAR 51.
Description: Vendor Ordering POCs:
Charlotte Fendton
Phone: (703) 708-9683
SolarWinds Configuration Manager SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Module SolarWinds Storage Manager
SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console SolarWinds Performance Monitor SolarWinds Virtualization Manager
SolarWinds Failover Engine SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor SolarWindsUer Device Tracker
SolarWinds IP Address Manager
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