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DoD ITAM Teams with GSA on Software Tagging

March 30, 2010

The Department of Defense (DoD) IT Asset Management (ITAM) team and the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal ITAM office teamed up on March 24th, to attend a Work Group session with TagVault and industry software vendors to discuss the new ISO/IEC 19770-2 software identification tagging standard and the work in progress on the 19770-3 draft defining the structure for software entitlement tags.

ISO 19770-2 is an emerging specification for software tagging to identify installed software. Data elements in ISO 19770-2 are consistent with the Common Platform Enumerator (CPE) specification being developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). CPE has origins in information assurance and vulnerability databases. The DoD ITAM is considering the CPE as a possible source for a standard DoD software library., which is being leveraged at the Federal level by GSA, is driving an effort to work with vendors to populate a software library using ISO 19770-2. DoD ITAM plans to coordinate efforts between CPE and TagVault to promote a coordinated or unified effort.

Another standard, ISO 19770-3, is emerging for entitlements to provide common definitions for the intellectual property rights included in a software license (e.g., term vs. perpetual use, single vs. multi-user installation, authorization to install on secondary portable device). The working group for entitlements has formed, with the objective to create standards for the intellectual property rights provided with software licenses.

The DoD ITAM team plans to work with GSA, CPE and TagVault to promote a coordinated and unified effort in regard to software tagging and entitlement tags. Additional information on these efforts can be obtained from Robert Smith, Program Manager - DoD IT Asset Management, DoD CIO / Portfolio Mgmt & Enterprise Infrastructure, who can be reached at