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A direct link to tools utilized throughout the Best Value toolkit are available below:

Link / Type
Benchmark Data
Gathering Checklist
Summary Level Guidance on Benchmarking Microsoft Word
Elements Table
Key elements to be gathered to compare benchmark data Microsoft Word
Best Value
Price Factors Guide
Review of items that drive the price of commercial software, oriented towards Vendor’s flexibility to grant better pricing based on Government’s position. Microsoft Word
Best Value Terms and Conditions Guide In-depth review of critical Ts & Cs, applicability, risk identification, and identification of where the term or condition likely appears in contractual documents. Microsoft Word
Contract Vehicle
Utilization Checklist
Identification of available contract vehicles with guidance on their relevance to planned acquisition./td> Microsoft Word
Negotiation Checklist Top level negotiation preparation review Microsoft Word
Negotiation Position/Strategy Outline Template to be used for establishing and tracking negotiation positions by issue/element Top level Pricing issues review Microsoft Word
Price Analysis Checklist Top level Pricing issues review Microsoft Word
Proposed Deal
Points Checklist
Top level review of acquisition and initial consideration of issues and strategies. Microsoft Word
Rapid Assessment Checklist Top level guide to obtaining Best Value as well as Reference to Applicable Tools. Used primarily for Rapid Assessment scenario. Microsoft Word
Requirements Fit Checklist Review of requirements and configuration issues Microsoft Word
Software Maintenance and Support Guidance Discussion of Software Maintenance and Services issues and potential future hidden expenses Microsoft Word
Software Provider’s Negotiating Position Identification of important issues (and negotiation points) from the Software Vendor’s/Publisher’s perspective Microsoft Word
Strategy Checklist Top level strategy setting issues Microsoft Word
Summary License
Terms Checklist
Top level Terms and Conditions review Microsoft Word
TCO Workbook Tool used to perform TCO/Life-Cycle Costing analysis on the planned acquisition. Used to organize and track program costs in a TCO/LCCE framework. This workbook includes three Worksheets  Microsoft Excel
TDP Worksheet Form to capture salient deal elements for reporting and entry into database for future benchmarking. Microsoft Excel
Total Cost of
Ownership Elements
List of Elements to Consider in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)/Life-Cycle Cost Estimating (LCCE) Microsoft Word