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The Best Value roadmap has been developed for programs that have the time, tools and resources available to ensure Best value is achieved using the following proactive, methodical, four phased process. Within each phase, there are several steps to the process, discussed by selecting the phase desired.


This image defines the four key phases of the best value process. It includes the Gather phase, Analyze phase, Strategize phase and the Negotiate phase. Underlying this four phased approach is a team approach box that depicts how important it is to have a cohesive team throughout the four phases. Negotiate Strategize AnalyzeGather Team Approach

Utilizing this roadmap, the following actions should occur:

The proactive "Best Value Roadmap" approach enables you to leverage prior successes and other Government Acquisition personnel knowledge, so you do not attempt to recreate the wheel. You should start off using pre-negotiated contracts that cover most issues and you should obtain negotiating tips that others have successfully used and cover often underemphasized issues, such as maintenance and support.